Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Battle the Bug and Win @blessingsabound~!

I never know what I am going to read in a review at "Blessings Abound" http://454.me/1bhe3/
This time was no exception. I'm a subscriber and I received an email about an important review and giveaway. Kleenex has invented a tissue that can actually kill the germs in the tissue from colds and flu~! How great is that~! The best part is you can win Kleenex Anti Viral Tissues and a $50 Visa GC~! As a parent it is no fun when the entire family comes down with a nasty cold or the flu not to mention the expense of missing time at work. The minute a family member shows signs of either cold or flu symptoms I spray all the handle with antibacterial spray. Then pull out sample size bottle of hand sanitizer for everyone to use to try and help keep it from spreading to everyone in the house. I like the added fact of a tissue that can help keep the spread of germs at bay so I will be adding this to the home as well. We also keep hand sanitizers at work but the Kleenex Anti Viral tissue would be a great addition to the work force as well so I think that will be on my Holiday list for co-workers this year. Plus it's easy because usually during the holiday season the box's are decorated so all you have to do is add a bow and your done. I like easy. Plus it fits my budget as well. Check out Jacqueline's complete review and giveaway by clicking the link above in this post. Good Luck and Healthy Sneezing lol

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Anonymous said...

Please add me to that christmas list too. love sis