Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ATTENTION Don't Miss This Grand Giveaway & Review~!

Ok I can't say enough about the site I just checked out and signed up for an account thanks to "The Not So Blog"
She has a review and giveaway to win $250 in groceries shipped to your front door from the site "Alice". I had never heard of the online site "Alice" until I read the review at "The Not So Blog" and once I checked out this new site I couldn't believe how fantastic it was. I hate to shop for groceries. It's expensive and I'm not good at the couponing bit and at Alice she deducts the coupon automatically for you. No hunting for or clipping coupons~!!! On a lot of items at "Alice" the items start out cheaper than other retailers such as CVS or Walgreens then if a coupon is available she deducts it for you. This just amazes me. I ended up spending a lot less for every day items I normally buy and it will be shipped directly to my front door. And get this No shipping cost~! This is a win win situation. No more driving to the grocery store~! Yeah~! I can't say enough about this site. Thank You Bridgette for saving me money and time. I think this is the best online tip I have ever found thanks to you :) To read Bridgette's complete review at "The Not So Blog" and enter to win a $250 shopping spree at "Alice" click the link in this post. Enjoy and Save lots everyone~!

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