Monday, June 8, 2009

$100 Home Depot GC @OneProjectCloser

As a lot you my readers already know we are currently building our own home to save on labor cost and with out a mortgage. Paying rent, lights, gas and other household bills and trying to have enough money left over to put in the house is really hard right now. It has been almost 6 years in the making and we are now on the home stretch lol But with the recession and I being laid off right now the building has been slow going. We usually take what ever we can out of our pay checks each week to buy materials and if it's only $25 then that's ok we buy nails or screws or maybe some plumbing parts. No matter every dollar gets us closer to the finish. Last week I bought 6 boards of V-Match 8' and a drain for the kitchen sink. That was enough to finish the bedroom off in V-Match and finish the kitchen sink plumbing. Two more projects finished and that much closer to finishing the house. So I was thrilled to see that "One Project Closer"
is having a great giveaway for a $100 GC to Home Depot. I would love to win this for my man for Fathers Day. That would buy the Sand Paper, mask, tack cloth and the polyurethane for the Bedroom. He would be so happy to be able to finish the Bedroom. The room then would only need a rug and it would be COMPLETED~! If you do a lot of do it yourself projects you should subscribe to "One Project Closer" because they have some great advise and articles on how-to-do-it-yourself~!

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