Thursday, April 16, 2009

Want to win a Vado HD Pocket Video Camera?

Want to win a Vado HD Pocket Video Camera? Who wouldn't right~! Well I have been a subscriber since I first starting blogging to " The Dirty Shirt"
Her site is fantastic. She has wonderful reviews & giveaways and right now she is having a review & giveaway for the Vado HD Pocket Video Camera~! How to enter? Just click the link about and it will take you directly to her site giveaway but remember to subscribe while your there so you won't miss out on all her wonderful reviews & giveaways. She is also very active on twitter and if your a twit I suggest following her tweets as well. Have a great day everyone and good luck~!

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Anonymous said...

Creative just sent me an email noting Vado Silver on sale for $79. I own both the original Vado ("standard definition") and the HD. Both really shoot nice video and are a snap to use. Both are prefect for tossing in my bag wherever I go. I don't get all wigged out taking them places unlike when I'm shooting with more expensive gear. I have also tried the Flip and Kodak. Creative's Vado edges both of them out IMHO. Good stuff.

Here's a link to the Vados: