Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Go Green win a Sodastream~!

I have just been visiting J. Leigh Designz's blog and have subscribed to her blog and followed because this is an amazing site. She has a lot to offer her followers and right now she has posted a review & giveaway for a fantastic Sodastream
This little machine could save me a whole lot of work because lugging soda up a mountain is exhausting. We have a foot path to the top of the mountain to the house and lugging the groceries is definitely no fun not to mention lugging all the recyclables back down the mountain. With the Sodastream I wouldn't have to do all this extra lugging. Many times I have skipped buying soda because lugging the jugs up is an extra trip up the mountain and takes a long time. What impressed me also was all the flavor choices. They even had my all time favorite which is Cream Soda. The best part is you can win one at J.Leigh Designz's just click the link above to check out this really cool site and enter while your there. while your there don't forget to subscribe~!

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