Thursday, April 16, 2009

Read Read Read with Kindle 2~

I love to read however sometimes it's just not convenient for me because of my busy schedule. Trying to juggle work , the kids schedule and maintaining the house keeps me stressed and on the go all the time. Several times I will find myself sitting waiting for the kids practice that ran late or a meeting rescheduled at the last minute and wish I had a good book to read and with the Kindle 2 I could have tons of books at my finger tips at all times because I could keep this one item in my purse. If I'm in the mood to read that new novel but haven't the time to drive an hour to the nearest book store to purchase it and drive an hour back home this would no longer be a problem or having to drive to the library to find out they don't have the book I'm looking for instead I can download it and be done. How great this would be~! I also get eye strain from reading fine print and using the computer a lot and I can change the print on those days my eyes are just to tired to read the fine print of a novel. The Kindle 2 being so convenient would make my reading habits so much better because I would be reading more often. What's even better is the possibility of winning one and at "Julie Stratford" You can do just that. Click on the link to pop on over to enter.

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