Thursday, April 23, 2009

Win a Madsen Bucket Cargo Bike @focusorganic

I have never seen a bike like this one before. The Madsen Bucket Cargo Bike Is very unique and handy. I can think of a dozen things the Madsen Bucket Cargo Bike would come in handy for. I could use it to haul water from the well down the road. I usually have to make three trips and instead I could do it in one with no lugging at all. I could use it to go berry picking. This would be a great way to haul all them berries home. I usually pick 50 gallons of Black berries during a good season to can jam. I also pick a lot of plums and I could haul them home as well. Plums get heavy real fast.In the fall it would be apples. The Madsen Bucket Cargo Bike looks big enough to haul four bushels of apples at a time. In the spring we also tap a few trees and hauling the sap is lots of work. This would be great to use for that. See this bike would be very useful. We have to recycle everything in the state of Maine and every spring we collect all the bottles from the side of the roads near our house to keep Maine beautiful and this would really come in handy then. If you run errands close to home but it's a little far to walk you could use the Madsen Bucket Cargo Bike to haul home groceries and such. We live about a mile or so from a little meat market & general store and I'm forever needing something. This is just a few of the ways I would use this fantastic bike. I bet you can come up with a list of your own as well. The best part is you can actually win one from a terrific site I just came from "Focus Organic"
Check out the review and the giveaway. Enter to win. It's that easy. I really enjoy the site and decided to subscribe while I was there because it has a lot of interesting reading material. So what are you waiting for click on the links in this post to go directly to the Madsen Cycles and Focus Organic.

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