Friday, March 13, 2009

Win a Hoover from Mom Fuse~

Mom Fuse is currently running a review and giveaway for a Hoover Platinum Collection Lightweight Bagged Upright valued at aprox $400.00. I have been using an old 1950's Electrolux that my mother handed down to me because I was sweeping my rugs since my vacuum died. Now Since this is an old old Electrolux it doesn't have wheels instead it has what they call gliders except they don't glide lol. Now I'm not complaining really because it sure beats sweeping the rugs especially since I have Asthma and sweeping them had my Asthma at about a 10 all the time and I couldn't even sleep at night. Dust does it every time so the Electrolux helps but the Hoover has a HEPA Bag system that would be wonderful for helping keep my Asthma under control. Plus it has WHEELS~! lol
The best part is Mom Fuse is giving one away so stop over and check out her site and review and while your there enter to win. Just click this link and your there~!

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