Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sound Oasis Therapy System Giveaway ~

If you like to fall asleep by certain sounds you will love the giveaway that is going on at "The Dirty Shirt"
She is currently having a giveaway for a Sound Oasis Therapy System. I know I could put this to good use. I currently run a fan all night and living in Maine at -40 below in the winter who wants a fan going but this is the only way I can seem to sleep. I also grind or clench my jaws at night and this caused a serious health problem called TMJ that cost me almost $2,000 to fix at a dentist office. If the Sound Oasis Ear Therapy Sound Card helps keep me from grinding or clenching my teeth and jaws then this is a must have for me. Check out all the different sound cards they have
They have several different sound cards to choose from. But the best part is you can win one at "The Dirty Shirt" so click on over and check out her site and enter while your there.

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