Monday, March 2, 2009

The Slanket best Blanket ever Giveaway~

Living in Maine it's always cold here and when I saw the Slanket my first thought was everyone in the family is going to love these~! They even sell them for kids. They come in various colors so your bound to find the right one just for you and the best part is you can win one at Seeryus Mama
My son plays in the marching band and also football and sitting on the sidelines watching gets mighty cold and I would love to have one to wear at the games and competitions. They even have one in the school colors~! How cool is that. With a little face paint and my slanket I would good to go lol

Just check out all the features in the photo. Doesn't it look so comfy. You know it does. So what are you waiting for check out the site and enter while your there but for a little advise subscribe to her site because I think you'll find some awesome info. Just click the link above to enter her site and giveaway.

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