Monday, October 27, 2008

Savy Soda~!

I'm trying to win this fantastic soda machine. It's the next best invention since toilet paper. lol You see since I live on the mountain and I have to walk the trail up the mountain lugging all the groceries which is a big pain. Lately our old beat up 1985 4-wheeler just doesn't seem to want to stay running so we end up lugging most of the time. This week all week which is a lot of lugging when you have to lug a weeks worth of groceries. The thought of not having to lug soda would be a nice blessing. I have been thinking of buying a cow so I won't have to lug the milk as well. lol Just kidding I think the grain and hay would be a little more than I could handle. Any how I stubbled upon this cool site that is giving one of these fantastic machines away check it out at Mom Most Traveled.
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