Saturday, October 18, 2008

PoP Goes The Soda~!

This is a must have for me. It's a soda machine~! I am currently building a house in the woods on top of a mountain. We have not had the money to build a road to the house yet since it will cost around $5,000 and we have to lug all our food and drinks to stay there while we build. We have the electricity installed now and are working on getting the well drilled then on to the road.We figure it will be another year or two before we will be able to afford to put in the road. We have a nice foot path but it's a hike up the mountain for now so when I saw this awesome machine I fell in love with it. Since I have to lug soda every weekend up the mountain this would save a lot of lugging for me. The kids would be in their glory with this. It's an awesome invention for sure. You can make soda in less than 30 seconds and it has reusable carbonating bottles to eliminate the lugging and it cost around .57 cents per liter.They have 20 soda flavors to choose from not to mention the flavored water. It even gets better this cool site is giving one of these machines away check it out by clicking on their button below.

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