Monday, October 6, 2008


On my way to work this morning someone had hit a doe and left it. They didn't bother to stop and Since we love Deer Meat in this house I stopped and called the Game Warden to see if I could claim it. They told me I could take it, hang it , gut it but not to skin it and when they came to look at it hanging if all is well we could then get a tag number for it. I was thinking well I hope after we do all the work he doesn't decide he is going to take it. But he showed up and said it was ok and gave us a tag. So Deer stew will be on the menu soon~! I couldn't see wasting all that meat letting it rot on the ground. We have already cut up 2 roast and 8 packages of tenderloin and 6 packages of steaks and that's just the start of it so that will sure help the grocery bill for meat this winter.


Wood n' Whimsy said...

I too love venison! I soak mine in milk over night to take wild gamey taste away, do you? Adding a little wine will make it very tender too. Thanks for entering my giveaway! Good luck and God Bless! Celene

hondaray6 said... dinner? Sounds like a great price to me! That find was as good as a win! ;-)