Sunday, March 18, 2012

#Win A Lysol No Touch Kitchen System #Giveaway At The Dirty t Shirt

Jennifer at The Dirty t Shirt is at it again. She has another fantastic review and giveaway going on for the  LYSOL No-Touch Kitchen System. Now for those of you that have known me for years or have worked with me for any amount of time know that I avoid germs when ever possible because what causes most people a sniffle or two puts me in the hospital with pneumonia because I always get severely sick because I have Asthma and I am on medication for Rheumatoid Arthritis that lowers my immune system. I avoid touching elevator buttons , door handles and lots more. I stock up on hand sanitizer and Lysol Spray when fall hits here in Maine. Lysol Anti-bacterial wipes (which are fantastic) are a must have now in this home and I take them when going grocery shopping to wipe the cart handle too. Now Lysol has another must have product for my home~! You got to check it out. Just click on a link in this post and it will take you to The Dirty t Shirt review and giveaway. Good Luck but not to much I'm in on this one and I'm keeping my fingers crossed lol.

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