Monday, March 19, 2012

#Freebie Disney Promo #Free Movie and #Free Phone Call From Your Child's Favorite Disney Character!

I stumbled onto this deal from Disney Movie Rewards this morning that I thought I would share with you. If you own a Blu-Ray and purchase Disney movies make sure you take advantage of their movie rewards program. I entered two codes this morning from the two Blu-Ray Disney movies this morning and scored 250 points but that's not the best part. I also unlocked a special Disney has going on where if you enter two participating eligible Blu-Ray, CD or DVD codes you can get a
free Blu-Ray Movie shipped to you free. All you have to do is enter the codes and fill out your shipping info. You do have to pay shipping but it is reasonable for only $3.95 which is a cheap way to score an expensive Blu-Ray Disney movie. There are three to choose from which are Bridge to Terabithia, Dinosaur and TinkerBell. I chose the Dinosaur for my Grandson. We already have TinkerBell and the Bridge to Terabithia (which I'd like to watch) is to mature for Grandchildren to enjoy and to immature for my teenagers to want to watch (they don't know what their missing) for what would their friends say if they were watching Disney movies lol. What is it they say oh yeah they say "it's just not happening mom" . They think I'm as old as those Dinosaurs in the movie I just ordered. I tell them I get it ,,,I do get it and that I was a teenage once myself but I don't think they believe me lol.
I found another special offer from Disney that I had no idea they offered. Did you know that your child can receive a FREE call from your child's favorite Character. You have to be a member but that's easy because it's free to sign up for the Disney Movie Reward program. Some states are not eligible but most are. To find out exact details check it out here.

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