Saturday, March 3, 2012

#Win Dragonfly Sweetnest Simply Eden #Giveaway

I just came from Dragonfly Sweetnest where she is having a wonderful review and giveaway. I'm the kind of person when I like something I like it. Just to give you an example I have only changed my hair style once in my adult life. Why because I like it as it is. Same goes for products I buy, clothes,make-up and Jewelry I wear. I was introduced to a fragrance called Black Raspberry Vanilla about three years ago when I bought a candle and I have been hooked on that fragrance. I just love it~!  So when I read a review at Dragonfly Sweetnest about Simply Eden Goat Milk Soap and she mentioned she had tried the "Black Raspberry Vanilla" well that got my attention. I would love to have some wonderful Goat Milk Soap in Black Raspberry Vanilla~! Are you kidding me send me a case already lol.  That's just one product they sell and she is having a giveaway from them right now. If you want to learn more just click on over and read her complete review and enter while your there. Stay for a while and check out her blog. She is a wonderful blogger and has lots going on. I just love her site. Every time I stop buy I find something that interest me and she has fantastic reviews and giveaways all the time. You may just want to follow her on facebook,twitter or subscribe via email/reader.

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Cool blog.