Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sweeps4Bloggers is having a Giveaway for Glass Dharma Straws $25 GC ends 6/4

I try to live green but today I discovered I'm doing something that isn't so green after all. Something I never thought much about until today after reading a great review at Sweeps4Bloggers about Glass Dharma straws. I always use a PLASTIC straw to drink with. I never thought about it being plastic and how many I go through in a week. I really hate plastic so why do I drink through a plastic straw? Heck if I know but now that I am aware of it I'd rather not use them anymore. The Glass Dharma Straws are the answer to my problem. I can practice being green and enjoy using a straw still. I won't even drink out of a plastic glass so it doesn't even make any sense why I would be drinking through a plastic straw. Glass Dharma has several size straws to choose from and even a decorated style like the one in this picture. To learn more and enter to win a $25 GC to Glass Dharma stop over to Sweeps4Bloggers. Just click any hyperlink or here.

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