Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sweeps4Bloggers is having another giveaway~! Check it out~!

Honestech Fotobox Plus review and giveaway going on at Sweeps4Bloggers. This is really a cool item because you don't have to wait to download a program to use it and it plugs right into your USB port. Simple~! That's one of my favorite words lol. We take a lot of pictures and video's in this family and this would come in handy to use on our laptop. I could pack it right in my laptop case and take it right along with me. This way while on vacation I wouldn't have to wait to check out my photo's on my PC program at home. With this Honestech Fotobox you can convert it to MPEG4/AVC format to play your slide show on your iPod or you can upload to YouTube ~! Look how small it is in this photo.

See how easy it would be to take this small item with you anywhere to use on your laptop~! If you would like to learn more about the Honestech Fotobox click on over to Sweeps4Bloggers and enter to win one while your there. Just click here.

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