Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hoover FloorMate Spin Brush Giveaway at Eighty MPH Mom~!

I'm so excited about the review and giveaway going on at Eighty MPH Mom. Can you imagine inventing a machine that can vacuum, wash and dry your floors? Well I just read a review at Eighty MPH Mom about a machine that can do just that. It's a Hoover FloorMate Spin Brush. I was so amazed that one machine could do all that. I have been washing my floors on my hands and knees for years and now with my Arthritis I just can't do it anymore. I don't wash my floors as often as I should any more because it causes me so much pain. Not to mention sometimes I get down on the floor to wash them and then I can't get up. Not a good predicament if your home alone~! Now I make sure someone is around to help me up but then you have the problem of keeping everyone of your clean wet floor until it dries. That is why I used to wash the floor when everyone was gone. With this Hoover FloorMate Spin Brush I don't have to worry about being home alone washing floors because no more washing on my hands and knees and it doesn't matter if the kids are home because I can dry it immediately. I would love to own one of these Hoover FloorMates and Eighty MPH Mom is having a giveaway. If you want to learn more about this wonderful machine then just pop on over and read her review and enter the giveaway while your there. Just click here.

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