Wednesday, February 4, 2009

VTech Phone System Giveaway~

Ok just when My phone dies and I'm in great need of a new phone Jentifa at "The Dirty Shirt" is having this Kicking giveaway for a VTech Phone system. Now this
Includes: 3 Handsets, base unit and 2 additional charging units. 3 AC adapters. 3 battery packs. Telephone line cord. User’s manual. Quick start guide. Is this a fantastic set up or what!?! I could then have a phone in 3 rooms of my house!!!! That's three ,,,I'm going to write that again ,,,Three phones. I have one right now and spend half my time running up and down stairs to get to the phone. I could put one on my PC desk and another one in the living room and one UPSTAIRS~!!! So what are you waiting for kick in gear and click on over to enter this kicking giveaway.

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