Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Boys & Toys

What a great giveaway going on at "The Dirty Shirt"~! http://thedirtytshirt.com/?p=3203#comment-27750 If you have any boys (or men that still like boys toys) they are going to love this giveaway. You can enter to win $100 Gift Card to Ridemakerz (can be used online or in store) http://www.ridemakerz.com/RZ/pages/shop/LinearProcess/BuildRide.aspx?category=body&ProductSku=zone
This site is too cool. I have a 16yr old son that said if I win he gets it lol. Just look at what some of the things you can do.
* Chooze - Pick from nearly 70 body and paint styles
* Sonicize - Select from dozens of RideSoundz that jam in a variety of fun ways
* Motorize - Choose Free-Wheel or Radio-Control
* Mobilize - Select wheelz and treadz
* Customize - Add specialty lights, spoilers, side pipes, hood scoops, blown engines, roll bars, decals and more
* Personalize - Create a personalized license plate and receive their own Certificate of Title and unique RIDE Identification Number (RIN) which can be used to view and interact with their RIDE online at RIDEMAKERZ.com
* Cruize
If you are not already a subscriber to "The Dirty Shirt" I recommend you subscribe while you are there. She is always having something cool she is reviewing not to mention real cool giveaways~! Just click the link above to her site and it will take you to the RideMakerz giveaway.

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