Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Holidays~

As of 4:30pm today I started my Thanksgiving Holiday. I took a Vacation day which would give my the day before Thanksgiving off so I can clean and cook all day. I have never had time to cook the day before due to working but after 17 years I requested the day off. It will seem nice not to have to rush home after a long hard day at work and start cooking at 6pm. Not to mention no work for 5 long days~! YEAH~! I can smell my kitchen already with all that aroma lol. Since I don't have to work I plan on making a few extra yummy pies and some peanut butter things which is my families favorite. Peanut Butter Things taste a lot like Reeses cups and are very easy to make. All this talk about food is already making me hungry so I guess I better stop now. Happy Holidays and may all your bellies be stuffed~!

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