Thursday, September 4, 2008

Winter around the corner.

Since I live in Maine we have long cold winters and since this year our summer has been cold and rainy I am really regretting the approaching Winter. I don't care for Snow or Cold so why I stayed in Maine is beyond me. Every year I can't wait for spring. This year was a big let down. We had a rainy cold summer so It's going to be a long winter this year! I'm an outdoors person but I hibernate in the winter. Having a bad summer is a big thing to me since that is what I look forward to. The kids are already in school which means the cold weather will be setting in soon. I guess I'll then have more time for blogging and posting. Summer time I am just to busy trying to enjoy the few weeks of warm weather we have. Now if I just didn't have to work I could enjoy more of our summer day~! lol

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