Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This is a must for parents~!

OK this item is just the "bomb" it's called the Pakseat Backpack. Since I love to go Geocashing with the kids this would come in so handy and not to mention all their sports games. The bleachers kill my back and since I have a child in Football and another child in Basketball not to mention they are both in regular band and one in marching band I seem to be in the bleachers a lot~! And if your like me after an hour your back starts hurting and you just can't seem to get comfortable. On top of that you can use it for your lap top too. Now with all these functions this Pakseat offers I can't imagine a parent that doesn't need one of these. The good news is they are having a giveaway at this site to actually win this item ,,,,,so what are you waiting for go check this awesome Pakseat out and enter like I did to win one. Have a great day everyone.

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