Sunday, May 22, 2016

Some Unique Wonderful Products For My Son & Daughter In-Law's Baby Shower

These Bandana Bibs by uBaby are just adorable. I'm about to be a Grandmother in just a few short weeks and I thought these Bandana Bibs by uBaby would make great bibs for my new Grandson. I just love the new style and the fun patterns they offered. The feather pattern is my favorite although I like them all.One feature that I liked most is the uBaby Bandana's fit for a very long time because they are adjustable. They have snaps in the back so you can adjust these bigger as the baby grows. Depending on the size of the baby I think these would fit up to size 24 months.
They are very soft to the touch which is important for babies sensitive skin. I was really pleased with how these were made.
This set also came with a bonus pacifier clip which is so handy and saves you from hunting for it and washing it on and off all day. It has a sturdy clip to hold it tight. This was a nice added bonus for sure.
I gave these to the parents to be at their baby shower and they were a big hit. Everyone had to check them out. They all wanted to know where I got them. I took a picture of my son showing off these adorable bids.

Another item that will come in real handy when there new bundle doesn't feel so well is the Non-Contact Forehead Digital Thermometer. I love the idea of being able to take the babies temperature and not having to disturb the baby while sleeping. Just aim the Non-Contact Forehead Digital Thermometer at the childs forehead and it will give you a read out. It also lights up so you can do this in the dark. Another feature I liked about this product. I always hated to turn on the light in order to read the temperature. I can quietly enter the nursery without turning on the light. Aim it at the forehead or below and behind the ear lobe if child is sleeping on their side. Make sure the hair is not in the way or that the child is sweaty in that area or you may not get an accurate reading. You want a dry exposed skin area with nothing between the scanner and the skin. I've tried this thermometer several times on family members to make sure it was working properly. It worked great every time and I'm super happy with this product. If would like to read my full review on Amazon you can find it here If you like it please give it a helpful vote

The theme for my Son's baby shower was the Woodland/Camouflage. It came out wonderful and I love this Fox Storage bin for them to put the babies toy's in.The Fox matched perfect for the theme and will come in real handy for all the small hand toys and little stuffed animals. It's just the right size. It actually holds more than you would think. I used this also as the gift bag for all their other items I got them for their baby shower. I made 4 small baby blankets and put them in there along with the items above plus a Monitor set and a large baby book. It still had a little room left too.
Check out my full review of this cute bin on Amazon and if you like it please leave a vote here.
Hope you enjoyed these product reviews!

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