Saturday, October 8, 2011

Do you believe this ,,,,Another Gigantic Giveaway At Experimental Mommy

Nope I'm not pulling your leg. Tis true another amazing review and giveaway is happening at Experimental Mommy. What would life be without Nestle I'd hate to even think about it. We all love Nestle right? RIGHT~! Well then your going to love this. There is a huge prize pack from Nestle which includes coupons for Toll House, Tombstone, Ovaltine and more, Plus a Nook e-Reader. Yup you guessed it,Experimental Mommy has been very busy doing what she always does which is bring her readers great product reviews and wonderful giveaways. Now before you scurry over STOP. If you didn't read my prior two post maybe you should or at least look around for a bit while your at The Not-So-Blog Experimental Mommy because she has several other really cool reviews and giveaways going on right now too~! Have fun and good luck.
PS I wonder if she sleeps? If so I don't know how she gets all she does for all of us done each and every day so while your there don't forget to thank her for all her hard work.

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