Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Need A Drummer~!

Sometimes life moves on. In this case it's my son's life. He will be leaving us soon to attend college. Which means he won't have the time to dedicate his time as the drummer to the band any longer. Attending full time college and work study is going to take up most of his time. He wants any extra time that he does have to explore other avenue's . He wants to be able to spend time with his friends and maybe even take a nice girl out from time to time. He is currently single and wants it that way. As he put it "Mom I'm to busy to have a girlfriend" . This was actually great because it gave him a chance to do what he wanted when he wanted and not feel like he had to please someone else. He was really busy in school activities such as football, weight lifting, band, marching band and bowling. Plus he played in the classic rock band with my fiance "Border Crossing". We have had no luck finding a drummer. With all the musicians you would think that wouldn't be a problem but in this area it is. No one seems to be available. We are hoping on Wednesday we will have a drummer show up for an interview because we are running out of time because in just a short 5 months my son will be on to bigger and brighter adventures.

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hondaray6 said...

Wow- finally I can see your new header! Very nice! But my dialup doesn't like music and videos so I won't be hearing that!
You really spiffed up your blog- nice going--NOW WHERE IS YOUR PICTURE???