Friday, March 12, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Prize Pack Giveaway @ Mommy Goggles

I just entered a real fun giveaway at "Mommy Goggles". She is having a giveaway for a Alice in Wonderland Prize Pack~! We have been waiting for this movie to come to our area because we are so excited to see it. We live in a very small community in the middle of no where and it takes forever for new movies to get here. We are always 3 months behind. I try not to read about any of the new releases on blogs or groups that people have seen because it ruins it for us. I end up knowing how the movie ends usually so I avoid it at all cost. However with Alice in Wonderland we all know the movie inside and out and we can't wait to see the new version with Johnny Depp and the graphics. Mommy Goggles has a trailer you can watch that shows some of the new version. It's really an interesting review not to mention while your their you can enter to win a fun filled Alice in Wonderland Prize Pack that includes one OPI Alice In Wonderland Mini Nail Lacquer Set , One Alice In Wonderland Nintendo DS™ game, One Alice In Wonderland soundtrack CD, and one mini poster from the movie. How fantastic is that~!!! If you would like to read her complete review and enter her giveaway just click HERE.

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