Saturday, November 21, 2009

TWO winners will each receive a $30 dollar Gift Card to Walmart @Amanda's

What a wonderful way to spread some cheer for the holiday season than to win a $30 Walmart Gift Card. With this gift card you can feed your entire family for Thanksgiving. How fantastic is that. I just came from "Amanda's" aka "Mommy Mandy's" where she had not one but TWO she is giving away to some lucky winners.
At Walmart you can feed a family of 8 for $20
The meal includes one 12-pound Grade-A turkey, three cans of vegetables, three boxes of stuffing mix, one 5-pound bag of red potatoes, two cans of cranberry sauce, one package of dinner rolls, and a pumpkin roll cake for dessert.
and just think you still have $10 left over to use towards your Christmas Dinner as well or maybe some craft items to make a nice center piece for your Thanksgiving meal.
If you would like to win a $30 Walmart Gift Card click the link here for your chance to win. Thank You Amanda & Walmart. I sure appreciate all you do~!

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