Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eureka Tent Review & Giveaway~! @TheDirtyShirt

I couldn't believe it when I saw that "The Dirty Shirt" was having a review and giveaway for a Eureka Tent and More ~! This is an awesome Eureka Package and I am just drooling over it. My family camps a lot and we love Geocaching so from May to September we plan several camping expeditions and do a lot of Geocaching while we are camping out. Tents have come a long way since now they have power. Yes you read that right "Power"! Check out the details and more at "Eureka"
I was amazed when I read the review "The Dirty Shirt" posted about Eureka tents that have power. Immediately I had to check this out~! lol lol
Going camping is an inexpensive way to go on vacation and we find that usually it cost us less than $50 to go camping for 3 days so why not go once a month right!?! We have found so many free places to camp from Geocaching right in our home state of Maine that we don't even pay for tent camping sites. Just Gas and Food which is around $50 if we stay with in 200 miles from home and pack the normal Hot Dogs , Hamburger and of course marshmallows. We grab the tenting gear (which is in need of replacement from so much use) cloths, camera and GPS and off we go with out making plans on where we are going to camp for sure for the night. So to win this amazing Giveaway would be so exciting for us~! If you would like to read the review & enter the giveaway just click on the link in this post to "The Dirty Shirt" but while your there don't forget subscribe to her site because she is always writing great reviews and trust me you don't want to miss out on great read and many giveaways~!

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