Monday, July 21, 2008


I am new to blogging and have found some wonderful sites to read and have learned a lot. I had no idea I was so sheltered lol . I have found tips on saving money to what's new in technology. I have found some great reading and giveaways that I have entered. I really like reading other peoples blogs. If you happen to stumble on my site please leave a post if only to say Hi. I read more than I write which reminds me I found a new item which is also a great new electronic device which is called a "Sony Reader". This device allows you to download any book at any time any place to this little hand held machine. You then own the book forever and it is stored on this hand held machine. At a flip of a button the pages turn. It's like really reading a book and this thing holds thousands of books. You have a library at the tip of your fingers. This would be great for any college student~! I also found out that they have another brand called "Kindle". Now to tell ya which one is the best out of the two I have no idea but if you would like to see what a "Kindle looks like you can go to and find it there. I have put this one my wish list not that I will ever be lucky enough to ever purchase one but itsn't that why they call it a "Wish" list? lol I did a blog earlier about a Soda Machine and I just added that to my wish list too. See my earlier post for a link to check out this cool item. I'm just having too much fun finding all the new hot items out there. Like I told ya I guess I'm out of touch with what's new out there but I'm learning.

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