Friday, July 4, 2008

Everything including the kitchen sink~!

Blog who would of ever thought 10 years ago there would be such a thing or even a word called Blog. I am new to Blogging and have had fun checking out and posting to other Blog sites so decided to start one for myself. I gave this post a Title " Everything including the kitchen sink" because I invite any one to post about any thing. Have any of you entered Blog giveaways? How great is that~! You not only get to post your view but maybe win a prize at the same time.


Michele P. said...

yes, the giveaways are lots of fun, and you meet lots of nice people as well. Good luck in the giveaways Martini and keep posting!

hondaray6 said...

Great to see you Martini!! I think we are going to have a blast with this blogging...except if we start writing really late at night! We better find out how to delete posts before we write too much!!Hey...the picture you have on your blog is on my desktop! We are too freaky!