Monday, April 7, 2014

I Just Found The Perfect Way To Store Butter. Want To Know How?

I love real butter. Yes it is my down fall. I have quit drinking soda and cut back on coffee but not my real butter. I won't eat margarine because I'm a true believer that it is worse for you than the good Ole fashioned wholesome butter. If your like me and need your real butter you know how expensive it is right. The only problem is I like my butter soft for things like toast. However, I don't want it to spoil from sitting out. Yes I could put it in the microwave but usually the inside melts and makes a mess when you cut into it. Again wasteful and messy. So in the frig it goes and I put up with it being hard or I have to take it out an hour before hand to allow it to soften. Well not no more. Not if you have the a Butter Bell Crock. This little bit of ingenious will keep your butter fresh and soft. Plus it comes in so many different decors your just going to love it. Where did I find this you might ask? From the Peanut Butter and Wine blog post. If you want to know how it works and more about this fantastic product your going to have to stop by her blog and check it out. The fun part is you can enter to win one too while your there. Peanut Butter and Wine is having a giveaway for one right now so don't delay head on over and enter for your chance to win one. For those who like Margarine and want yours soft it will keep that soft and fresh too. I just prefer Butter.

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