Monday, September 16, 2013

From The Ground Up!

First we had to move a mountain in order to have flat ground to build the garage on. That was the first obstacle  we faced.

Then we have to get that dirt from the  mountain on the other side of the house to fill where the mountain dropped down and build it up for the spot to put the garage.

Once the ground work was done then the fun begun. Time to set up for the slab........

Now all that has to be done to have a  nice slab is to pour and work the cement. That sounds a lot easier than it is. The guys worked hard all day..........

But there was also some smiles during all this hard work and in the end there sat a beautiful slab just waiting for a garage to be built on top of it. 

I want to thank all our friends and relatives for helping in this huge project. It was appreciated more than you will ever know~!

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