Thursday, June 3, 2010

Didn't Win My CSN Giveaway , Here's Another One You Can Enter At House Of Onika

House of Onika is having a CSN Store $40 Gift Certificate Giveaway right now. Check out what she found for less than $40 at her review and giveaway. I also had to see what I could find and the items were endless. Just look at these cute Kitchen Hooks. I would love these in my Kitchen!

I also found a fantastic tomato knife. I hate trying to cut up tomato's with the knifes I have because they always crush instead of cut the tomato's.

I thought I'd mention a product that you can purchase at CSN Stores for less than $30 That I already own and love. I have this wonderful Apple Peeler that suction cups to the table or where ever you want and secures real well. I actually tested this by trying to pull it off and I couldn't. I just love my Apple Peeler~!
I don't think there is an item you would want that you couldn't find at CSN Stores. So what are you waiting for skip on over to House of Onika and enter. Just click here.

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