Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sony Reader Giveaway @ Book Giveaways

I just came from Shauna's site "Book Giveaways" and I just loved her site. Her background is awesome. If you love to read your going to love this site too~! I felt right at home there. I definitely need a blog makeover. Hmmm I wonder who did hers.
We all have our favorite books and all you have to do is tell her what your favorite is and why to be enter to win a "Sony Reader Pocket Edition". Is this amazing or what!?! It's amazing lol
I have had this on my wish list since it hit the market. I just can't imagine having all my favorite books on one small device that I can take every where with me to read what ever I want, when I want. I couldn't do that even if I hauled a wheel barrel around with me lol. I know you want to enter too. That's why I have a direct link for you. Just click here.

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Shauna said...

Thanks for posting about this!
Good Luck :)