Wednesday, July 1, 2009

@TheMomBuzz Enter To Win A iJoy Human Touch Balance Board

I just came from "The Mom Buzz"
and read a review and entered to win an iJoy Human Touch Balance Board. Another great introduction to a new product that I had never heard of. That's why I just love reading "The Mom Buzz" she keeps me updated on all the new cool products that are available out there that otherwise I would not have known existed. Want to know what the iJoy Human Touch Balance Board is , Well Just hop on and press a button on the infrared wireless remote control and experience the simulated motion of a snowboard, skateboard or surfboard in action. Need help keeping fit year round no matter what the weather is just hop on the iJoy Human Touch Balance board. To read the complete review and to enter for a chance to win one just click on the link above to "The Mom Buzz".

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