Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Taste The Fizz~!

Oh my I just got to have this new invention. I just came from a cool site that is having a great giveaway for a Soda Machine. This thing is awesome. It saves you money. It saves the planet. It saves you space. It makes over 25 flavors~! My favorite is Cream Soda which I couldn't believe they even have my favorite since some stores don't even carry Cream Soda any more. If you like sparkling water they have that too. Diabetic no worries because Diet flavors are sugar-free and sweetened with Splenda® brand sweetener and contain no aspartame. I have to lug soda through the woods and up a mountain every weekend and it's heavy. This would solve my lugging problem for sure. Each economy-sized bottle of sodamix makes 12 liters of fresh soda and that's a lot of Soda. So is this awesome or what~! Want to check it out click on the button below to check out this fantastic site and giveaway.

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